Each year thousands of people are becoming more aware of natural health and desire to become more intuned with their own body's needs. They are bombarded with fads and new aged remedies that extol their endless promises. Americans spend millions of dollars annually on health and medical treatments, yet each year 700,00 people die from medical treatment. Since 1981, medical treatment has killed several million!* This tragedy isn't caused by medicine. It's caused by what we're missing, not what we've got. What's missing is a companion philosophy, a complementary healing principle whose gentleness will balance the harshness of medicine.

Millions are now awakening to the knowledge that time has come to understand we are ultimately in charge of our own health, as evidenced by the numbers of authors on the best-selling lists who have shown us the value of this ancient science.

We turn to those who already have the experience we lack. To those who have studied, practiced and experienced health and balance in their own lives and are compelled to share their knowledge and expertise. It is with this in mind that our mission evolves.

It is estimated now that over 14% of the population of America, now practices some form of yoga. Join the millions who now are enjoying the realization of Self, peace of mind and empowerment offered through the practice of yoga.

* Data from the New England Journal of Medicine

Forest House Yoga


At South Mountain: By Appt Only

Glendale, AZ: 4015 W Topeka Dr. (Studio is behind a home, please call ahead.)

Chase Field, Mountainside Fitness

Forest House to Home: Your Place!

At Forest House Yoga we hand picked our classroom settings to better utilize and present the more subtle nuances and esoteric teachings of yoga. So you can expect a beautifully clean and modern studio, but rarely in a mall or high class shopping center! This also allows us to keep our prices down.

Each location you visit, no matter where in the country, you can expect to attend a class from a certified instructor who holds the highest regard for the lineage and the ancient science of the teachings.

The people that come to Forest House Yoga are a variety of ages, male and female, all walks of life and from new to long-time practitioner. So we hope you will try a class. Bring a friend and see! What we have here is a sweet little place to just teach yoga. That's what we want to do. We think you would love it too.

Glendale, AZ: A private studio, where students can study and learn the deep philosophy of yoga.

Topeka, KS: Inside the Ramada Inn Downtown, Teacher Training and Advanced Study Programs: 2nd Floor Veranda, Ramada Inn, Downtown.

Debbie Forrestt, Owner, Instructor
602.938.5066 (Cell)